From The Pastor's Desk

‚ÄčAs we enter into July to gear up for our annual conference at Immersed, this year's theme is immersed in Miracles and Healings and we are excited to be a part of such a powerful anointed network full of believers who come together each year and see God move. This year we are expecting miracles and healings like never before. God is doing amazing things here at the Columbus GA church and we are seeing people pealed and set free. God is true to His word and Jesus said in Mark 11 23-24 that if we speak to that mountain and do not doubt in our heart but believes that those things which we say, we will have whatever we say. We are seeing people's finances turn around and the blessings are overtaking us and people are being healed also. We stand on God's word we can expect to be healed and delivered from sickness and debt. Choose today to continue to speak those confessions which can be found on our main page under the faith confession tab. 
 We encourage you to try to attend as much as you can at this year's Immersed in Atlanta. You can get the full information on our main page under the our covering tab and go to their web site and click on Immersed. 
 There will also be services here on July 29, 2018 as all regular services will be available to you if you cannot attend this year's Immersed. 

 God Bless
Pastor Colley